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Water Harvesting
Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
Protecting environment for our future generations...

PAC subscribes to Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (ECM) way which focuses on the most efficient and productive use of raw materials and natural resources, and minimizes the adverse impacts on workers and the natural environment.

Protection of the biosphere: PAC minimizes and eliminates the release of any pollutant that may cause environmental damage to air, water, or earth or its inhabitants.
Sustainable use of natural resources: PAC makes sustainable use of renewable natural resources, conserves non-renewable natural resources through efficient use and careful planning, and protects wildlife habitats, open spaces and wilderness.
Reduction and disposal of waste: PAC minimizes the creation of hazardous waste, and wherever possible recycles materials. PAC disposes of all wastes through safe and responsible methods.
Wise use of energy: PAC makes every effort to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources to meet its need. PAC invests in improved energy efficiency and conservation in its operations.
Risk reduction: PAC minimizes the environmental health and safety hazards to its employees and the surrounding communities by employing safe technologies and operating procedures and by being constantly prepared for emergencies.
Damage compensation: PAC takes responsibility for any harm it causes to the environment by making every effort to restore the environment and to compensate those persons who are adversely affected.
Environmental directors and managers: PAC continues to improve management resources to implement these principles. This includes monitoring and reporting its implementation efforts, and sustaining processes to ensure that the board of directors and chief executive officer are well informed and are fully responsible for all environmental matters.

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