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Principle Centered Leadership keeps everyone charged and excited...

When serving the global customers - every project, process, and product of PAC reflects the Values and Ethics of the company. PAC employees are judged based upon the results they produce and the degree to which they exhibit these Values and Ethics.

To achieve profitable growth using following principles:
  • Doing a superb job for our customers every day;
  • Superior Sales & Marketing organization;
  • Globalization; and
  • Robust technology roadmaps for new products

To maintain a high level of performance, even as the emphasis on growth increases.

The lifeblood of any business as the cash flow is increased; PAC takes advantage of opportunities to reinvest in the business. The positive impact on employees and shareholders alike is huge.

Recognizing that great people make all the difference, PAC offers challenging assignments, continuous learning, right developmental opportunities and rewards for high performers.

Growth and Customer Focus recognizes the need to think differently for impressive growth. The customer is the cornerstone of success at PAC.
Getting Results require consistently meeting commitments to the business and to others.
Making People Better encourages excellence in peers, subordinates, and/or managers.
Teamwork and Diversity defines success in terms of the whole team. Effective team leaders not only meet the expectations of their role as leaders, but they also set and meet the expectations for team members.
Global Mindset is viewing the business from all relevant perspectives and seeing the world in terms of integrated value chains.
Intelligent Risk Taking recognizes that generating higher returns requires taking greater risks using sound business judgments and courage to take action where outcomes are uncertain but where potential rewards are great.

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